What’s an independent to do in a partisan age?

How do independents remain informed and committed without tumbling into the echo chambers?

Are Americans truly as partisan as our politicians and major media?

Or do many more shades of purple exist in real America than on cable TV maps of red and blue?

Objective, fact-based, and non-partisan The Purple Principle addresses these questions for an audience of American independents who do not agree on everything but do agree…


In 1986, 34 Democratic and 29 Republican Senators signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, creating a citizenship path for illegal immigrants while making it a Federal crime to employ illegal workers. The House also voted in favor, 238 to 173. The bill was signed into law on November 6, 1986.

In 1972, 17 Republican Senators joined 35 Democratic Senators to override the Nixon Administration veto of the Clean Water Act, a landmark piece of environmental legislation. The House override vote was 247 to 23, including 96 Republicans and 151 Democrats in the majority.

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