Briona Nic Dhiarmada, Prize-winning documentary filmmaker & Concurrent Professor of Film & Irish Studies at Notre Dame University

The Centennial of W.B. Yeats’ The Second Coming (Part 2):

Things Fall Apart Today (Much Like A Century Ago) November 19, 2020 Exactly one hundred years ago this month, at a time of deep political polarization and the Spanish Flu pandemic, William Butler Yeats published “The Second Coming”, a poem
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Paul Muldoon, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet on The Purple Principle Podcast

The Second Coming Turns 100

A Discussion of W.B. Yeats’ Classic Poem of Polarization with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Paul Muldoon (Princeton University) November 12, 2020 How does a century-old poem written in Ireland as European civil wars erupted in the aftermath of  World War I
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Shea Seigert Alaskans for Better Elections

Declaration of Independents, Alaska Style

Ballot Question Two Takes on Political Partisanship Show Notes, Transcript, Electronic Sources October 27, 2020 The great state of Alaska is different in many ways – its vast size (two and a half times the size of Texas), low population
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Congressional Candidate David & The D.C. Voting Goliath: Non-partisan Krucoff Touts Douglass County (MD) as the Future of Washington (D.C.)

A Discussion with Non-partisan DC Candidate for Congress Krucoff:

David vs. the Washington D.C. Voting Goliath Show notes, transcript and sources October 20, 2020 Washington, D.C. is a living museum of political stalemates – the recent COVID relief talks, the decades long deadlock on immigration reform, but also the
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Science, Comedy & Partisanship: Shane Mauss Stands up and Speaks Out

Show Notes, Transcript & Electronic Sources October 13, 2020 What makes a stand-up comedian wake up one day and decide comedy needs more science? Or science needs more comedy?  A road comic for 13 years, Shane Mauss made one or
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The Purple Principle New York Times Podcast Article

The Purple Principle Featured in New York Times “Podcasts to Inform Your Vote” article, Sunday October 4, 2020

October 6, 2020  Democracy depends on an educated citizenry. And we’re proud to report that Pheobe Lett for The New York Times highlighted the Purple Principle as one of four featured podcasts to educate citizens this chaotic election season.  How
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Dr. Andrew Smith on Election Polling

2020 Election Polling: The Science & Psychology of Polls in a Partisan Age

Show Notes, Transcript & Electronic Sources September 29, 2020 During this 2020 election season, not a day goes by without another new Presidential poll result blaring from the cable networks and rebounding across the Web. But how accurate are these polls?
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This Day In Purple Bipartisan Amendments 1970 Clean Air Act

This Day In Purple —Bipartisan Amendments 1970 Clean Air Act

September 22, 2020 As another congressional term comes toward a close without major progress, it is remarkable to look back five decades to a time of bipartisan consensus on environment issues.   On This Day in Purple fifty years ago (September
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The Brain on Partisan Politics

September 17, 2020 Show Notes, Electronic Sources & Transcript Show Notes Episode 9; The Brain on Partisan Politics: Why Not So Great Minds Polarize Alike, with NYU Neural Scientist, Dr. Jay Van Bavel  Let’s say, for the sake of Episode
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Comedy & Partisanship: The Transcendent Laugh with Special Guest, Myq Kaplan

Can Stand-up Comedy survive the triple threat of partisanship, political correctness and cancel culture??? Show Notes, Electronic Resources and Transcript September 3, 2020 Ok, Comedians, make America laugh with surprising, original jokes that offend absolutely no one and work equally
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On This Day in Purple

September 3, 2020 Emory Speer was born September 3, 1848 Emory served as an Independent in congress, from Georgia, in the 46th-47th Congress (March 4, 1879 -March 3, 1883) Born in Culloden, Georgia on September 3, 1848, Speer attempted to run
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Purple Principle Podcast Blog

On This Day in Purple

August 5, 2020 On this Day in Purple, August 5, 1822, Edward Coles, an influential abolitionist, was elected Governor of Illinois, running on an antislavery platform and bemoaning “the extraordinary malevolence of party spirit.” Born to a wealthy patrician family
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In 1986, 34 Democratic and 29 Republican Senators signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, creating a citizenship path for illegal immigrants while making it a Federal crime to employ illegal workers. The House also voted in favor, 238 to 173. The bill was signed into law on November 6, 1986.

In 1972, 17 Republican Senators joined 35 Democratic Senators to override the Nixon Administration veto of the Clean Water Act, a landmark piece of environmental legislation. The House override vote was 247 to 23, including 96 Republicans and 151 Democrats in the majority.

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